Keiko & Niko Collection

Keiko & Niko are biological brothers that were saved by a very special rescue organization from being sold as fighting dogs.

Look at these faces, do they look like fighters?!

Definitely not!


Keiko was adopted at 4 months old by his forever parents. He has been spoiled with love from that day on.

Niko initially wasn't as lucky as Keiko. The people that first adopted him weren’t good to him. Thank goodness they returned him to the rescue organization after a few months. That’s when Niko's luck turned around!

Keiko’s parents adopted him too!

Now Niko lives with his brother Keiko again and gets lots of love too.

They are so happy to be together again and do everything together...from hiking, napping, running on the beach...they even take baths together!

Keiko & Niko's story has been featured on The Dodo, Pittie Nation, and GeoBeats Animals.

They have joined paws with Dogstreet Roasting Co to save other homeless pups because every dog deserves a safe home.

Order some of their favorite coffee. Proceeds from every order go to saving the lives of homeless and abused dogs.

Read their heartwarming story and watch it here: